Forwarding to external call center from queue


Currently I have a ring group set up with an extension (which is a custom destination, sending calls over a SIP trunk) to send overflow calls to another call center.

The call queues have a failure destination of this ring group, when no agents are in the queue.

This works, but when we look at reporting for calls to the queue, for the hours in which no agents are logged in; no calls are shown (though we know calls to be occuring).

I suspect this is because the call is never “deposited” in the queue when no agents are logged in.

My curiosity is, should I expect sanity to occur if I make my custom extension (e.g. external call center) simply be a static queue member?

My expectation would be that calls would be distributed according to my distribution pattern (rrmemory) to the external call center just as they would to a logged in agent, and when no local agents are logged in, all calls would go to the external call center (since it’s the only agent).

However, I suspect one problem may be that “skip busy agent=yes” would cause only one call at a time to be sent to the remote call center; as such I’d need to set “skip busy agent=no” - which could cause issues for the local agents.

Thoughts? Suggestions? The primary goal is to have better reporting for calls which go to our external call center - essentially combined with our internal call center.