Forwarding to a external number

Obviously with things going on, some schools are having to close and we need to ensure someone is answering the phone to feed information to parents.

At the moment, the number calls in to an IVR or a simple Ring Group. I’ve added a mobile number as a misc destination and then i thought it should just be as easy to change the inbound route to point to this.

When i do this and ring the DDI, i just get a voice (Chinese i think) which says something like “sorry, your call is …” i can’t work out the last word.

I can’t see anything in the logs. Could this message be coming from the mobile phone operator?

Provide a call trace via pastebin:


I needed to set something like this up for after-hours calling, and using FreePBX 14 / Asterisk 16, I came up with the following:

  1. Create a ring group with just the mobile number in it.
  2. Have an announcement (please wait while we connect you)
  3. Have your call flow point to the ring group.

So when the caller selects to connect with someone (the cell), they call into the main system, select that they want to speak with the on call person (IVR), and then the IVR points to the Ring Group with just the mobile number in it. Caller hears “We are connecting you”, and the call is sent to the cell phone.


i setup a ring group with a mobile number in and “destination is no answer” set to hangup

I then set the inbound route to this ring group.

When i ring the DDI i just get cut off straight away.

We currently capture extension numbers to go out on certain trunks. on the trunk i want this to go out on i’ve added the mobile number as a pattern and now it calls out. Is there a way for me to force the caller id? i already have a Route CID set. Currently it’s just picking up the default one but there are many associated with this.

I would guess you’ve got a problem with the number in the forwarder, and possibly an issue with your outbound route. If you’re ending up in a Chinese IVR/error, sounds like a new snafu.

If you use a Misc Dest, there is something you have to set (early media maybe) to get audio working from call inception, unless that’s been fixed in a recent release.

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