Forwarding / Sending voicemail to multiple voicemail boxes

We’re looking for a module that would allow:

  1. creating a voicemail and sending it to mulitple mailboxes.

  2. forwarding a voicemail to multiple mailboxes.

The current voicemail system only allows for the message to be forwarded to 1 person at a time. To have to do it multiple times is too time consuming.

This is a feature we’d be willing to pay for by the way…

Perhaps :

Applications > Voicemail Blasting

How would you forward a voicemail to multiple people using voicemail blasting?

The voicemail blasting also has to be setup ahead of time, we’re looking for a way to select voicemails to forward to…

is this something you guys can code?

We’d also be willing to pay for this feature…

To clarify, the VM Blast module allows creation of voicemail groups for sending NEW messages to. i.e. You would dial the code of your VM Blast group, and record your message after the tone.

However, if you choose the same VM Blast Group as the destination to forward an existing voicemail to (from the comedian mail system), it rejects the attempt and reports that it is an invalid extension.

We need to be able to forward a received voicemail to a voicemail-distribution-list / VM Blast Group.

I would think it should be as simple as adding an extra check, after the “is this a valid extension” check, to see if it’s a valid VM Blast Number. If so, extract the valid extensions from it, and iterate the forward process against each.

Barring any actual response to the above, I think I may need to do the following:

Create a destination mailbox (functionally similar to the VM Blast Number). This is a valid mailbox, so an email forward would be accepted.

Write a second Java app that scans that folder every n seconds. When a new set of files is found, it queries a table (added to the database) with the list of recipients for the numbered group.

It then iterates through each /var/spool/asterisk/… folder for those users, finds the max message number, and copies those files over numbered x higher than the max it found.

When complete, it can either delete the original message, or migrate it to the Old folder.

It’s a bit more overhead, but I don’t know where to start otherwise. Is it possible to do the same thing with AGI, that is is triggered on the new voicemail event for a VM Box?

Without getting in to a “holy war” for the love of <insert higher power> don’t use java.

There are two routes you can follow from a scripted standpoint.

  1. externnotify -

  2. incron -

You still need to do the lifting (move/copy/create files) but the above will handle the triggering so you don’t have to run some random daemon.