Forwarding, Queues and More


I have a client whose internet is down so his phones are down also. Not cute. He has a queue in place which only has one agent, which is actually a forwarding to another landline that he has. If one person enters the queue, everything works according to plan, however, when a second person comes on, they are booted out of the queue. I suspect that there isn’t any call waiting on this landline but can’t explain why the call is getting dropped immediately and doesn’t honor the failover routing of the queue.

I would like the calls to forward to the number, and any additional numbers to go into the queue. If they stay on for max time, they should drop into the VM which they can access via external VM and also via email


Call waiting doesn’t work on a trunk line it must be disabled.

I am not quite understanding the scenario. Local or remote server? Combo of SIP and POTS lines?

We need versions of FreePBX and Asterisk

More info please.


I am running the FreePBX Distro FreePBX-5.211.65-14-x86_64-Full-1402716429, so that would be:

Asterisk 11.10.2

It is a remote server with remote phones. Only has SIP lines installed and SIP phones.

I was able to get the problem fixed however. The POTS line that we were forwarding to did not have call waiting, so I added in an extra number (the client’s cell) to the queue. When I did that it allowed there to be “three” agents as it would be the landline, and the cell phone with call waiting.

I also setup the queue to have “Skip Busy Agents” set to “Yes+ (ringinuse=no)” This helped make sure that people were being dropped into the queue. However, I’m not sure how it will work without having the number there that has call waiting :blush: So I guess only partially solved!!

I would not think you want call waiting. Would you not want the call to sit in the queue until the call was over? Then it would put the next call through.