Forwarding Outbound Calls to a Specific Number

I am looking for a way to forward any outbound call on a server to a specific number no matter what they dial other than 911.

That’s going to be the hard part.

If you want to match “outbound” calls to a single extension, you can do that with a matching pattern and a time condition. You can then “adjust” the number to a specific number for that outbound route.

The problem is the definition of “what they dial”. It works good for outbound, but if they dial a local extension, they won’t hit an outbound route.

Create a trunk of type custom with a dial string to the number you want calls to go to:

local/[email protected]

Create two outbound routes. The first one will have dial patterns for 911 and for the DID you want calls go to. This route will use normal trunks. The second outbound route will have a catch all dial pattern of X. and will go out the custom trunk.