Forwarding incoming calls


Here’s another issue.
Have incoming external call which is going through several ring groups. At the moment each extension can see only the incoming external number. What I need is to have added internal extension number to incoming call number when it’s forwarded to another ring group.
Graphically on softphones or ip-phones displays it must looks like:

  1. 8-800-XXX-XXX-XXX (when going to 1st extension)
  2. XXX: 8-800-XXX-XXX-XXX (when going to 2nd extension in case when 1st ext is not answered; XXX - 1st ext. number)
  3. YYY: 8-800-XXX-XXX-XXX (when going to 3rd extension in case when 2nd ext is not answered; YYY - 2nd ext. number)/ Or in this case must be YYY:XXX:8-800-XXX-XXX-XXX?!?!?!?

How to make all above working?
I tried to use CID name Prefix in Follow Me option for each extension. But this works only when forwarding internall calls and prefix is not added to incoming external call number when forwarding it)

Hope smn will help me.
BR, akadimka

The first part is easy (adding stuff to caller ID is done lots of places). The hard bit is replacing part of the caller ID with another part of the caller ID. This is probably going to require a special context that examines the CID, strips out the old, and adds the new.

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