Forwarding calls to SIP-URI with IP address

Hi there,

I need to forward calls made to an extension to a sip-uri. In the extensions setup screen if I fill in a sip-uri with a domain name in the field “dial” (e.g. SIP\[email protected]) calls are forwarded fine. If I however use a sip-uri with an IP address (e.g. SIP\[email protected]) forwarding does not work. In this case [email protected] is the uri of an extension active on my proprietary IP-BPX which is on the same network. Is there a workaround for this?

What I am actually trying to achieve here is to register my sip account with voipstunt using username and password in FreeBPX and forward the incoming calls to my IP-BPX. This is because my IP-BPX only supports peering to sip trunks (using IP authentication and not username and password). If you guys can think of any other solution to achieve this I would really appreciate it.

If you missing any information please let me know. Cheers.