Forwarding calls to cell with Sipgate - does anyone know?

I’m currently able to forward calls to my mobile using a Sipgate (UK) trunk. This is cool! Does anyone know if Sipgate UK allows forwarding the original call’s caller ID to my mobile? It doesn’t seem to work, but maybe this is just something Sipgate doesn’t allow on its network. Don’t want to waste loads of time trying to get it to work if it just isn’t going to! :wink: Thanks

Did you look at SIPGate’s documents or ask their support if they do?

Yes, no response.

Like for days or you sent them an email a couple hours ago and haven’t got a response?

Last week. Don’t worry, Tom, it’s not that urgent.
I did find this document as well, but it seems to contradict itself, or I don’t understand what it’s saying.

Which service do you have with them? This is for Basic service which sounds like their resi lines. It would seem that their hosted PBX services have different abilities.

I’m just on Sipgate Basic.

Then you’re on the wrong service plan for having a PBX, you should be in their SIP Trunking plan which would not have this issue. You are on a plan that equates to a residential or standard style voice service. You are limited by those restrictions and one of them is (same for pretty much any provider) you cannot send custom things like your own CallerID or pass through CallerID that is not you.

Thanks. I’ll take a look into that. It would be £5 a month for basically the only benefit (to me) of forwarding caller ID properly. I may or may not decide to do this!! :wink: :slight_smile:
Thank you

You also need to understand that normal things you can do with a PBX/SIP Trunk can’t be done on this account. It’s an account meant for dumb devices and limited ability IP Phones. You’re going to find that some features and functions in the PBX will not work properly with your limited voip account.

Well, that’s fine - but I’m genuinely at the moment quite happy with what it does for me - I’m only wanting it to provide another trunk line to my domestic PBX - basically so I can do DISA and so that follow me works.

What am I missing out on?!?! :wink: :wink:

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