Forwarding Call without loosing CALLER ID

Hey Guys,

hope some of you could help us.

our office time is from 8 to 8 - after this time we want to forward incoming calls to our callcenter. ok that’s no problem.
The Problem is that the callcenter “answers” without knowing the CALLER NUMBER.

A Caller Number 12345 calls us
we forward -> to the callcenter
The Callcenter sees only “our company” number and not the number of the “caller”

Is there any way to forwarding the caller ID number by default?
I couldn’t find any hints or information.
Does anyone know how to achieve this or know about redirecting the CID

thanks, tempes

This is dependent on your trunking provider.

How are you forwarding the call?

I am having the same issue. I use follow me to dial another extension then follow by mobile number. However, I can only see my office main line number, instead of the caller.

What do you see on the console? What number is being sent to your SIP trunk provider? I would ensure that your SIP trunk provider allows you to specify CID.

miken32, he did not specify if he was using SIP. It could be analog lines.

As I said this is dependent on the type of trunks and the provider. Analog lines is a no. If you have SIP or some other digital trunks and your provider allows you to send them the number you want to use for caller ID then it might work. Some providers only allow you to specify DIDs that you have on the trunk and will not let you spoof someone number.