Forwarding call directly to extension

I’ve read a bunch of subjects in this forum (Tips and Tricks) and I’m not sure I’ve found the proper way to do what I want, mostly because of terminology used I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve also read through the PBX in a Flash Without Tears book.

Currently I have an IVR setup so that the caller has to press 1 to ring a ring group (Avoids the bot callers entirely). What I’d like to do is forward a call based on their caller ID. A list of phone numbers and/or names would be stored in a text file, or in the database in a new table, and the phone call would be directed directly to a particular extension stated in that file/table. Any phone number that doesn’t match the Caller ID would have to go through the IVR.

The reason I want to do this is that there is one bot that does call the house and I want to know about it by diverting it directly to my voicemail so I’m notified that it called. Then there are my parents/in-laws calling in and I’d like them to just dial right into the appropriate extension. If I call the house from my cell phone, I’m directly diverted to ring the house instead of going through my IVR.

You can use the inbound route module to direct a call based in Caller ID.

Simply leave the DID field blank and populate the CID field with the number you want to route on.

Remember to order your inbound routes from most specific to least specific as the first matching route will be acted upon and the rest ignored.

I agree with skyking. I have an inbound route setup for a particular caller ID number to play an announcement and join a ring all queue. The announcement can easily be changed as well since it is linked to a feature code.

Thanks guys, but this doesn’t seem to be working.

When calling in, I get the IVR instead of the redirection to my soft phone.

@Sky> You mentioned about ordering the inbound routes? How do you do that? I see the “TOGGLE ORDER” but that just changes the UI it seems. I also tried giving a description to the routes, prefixing with numbers (01,02, etc) and even though the IVR is at the bottom, it still doesn’t route.

Disregard. I had to turn on the CID Priority Route.

Now I need to figure out why its ringing my telephone instead of my softphone.

I wonder how i can put the global inbound route last of all, it accept all cid and did, i wnat to get Blocked Anonymous and som other phonnumber to a special IVR there them can leave a message at voicemail and so on. but how i configure the global take all calls, how to manage this to be the last one if not match other ?

Regards Lars-Gunnar