Forwarding an inbound route to another number

Previously we were using Thirdlane as a frontend to Asterisk. It had the option to forward a number to another number for an inbound route.

I can create an extension and forward it out that way but is it possible to forward an inbound route somewhere else without going the extension forward route?

direct the DID to a custom extension you will build with something like like

LOCAL/[email protected]

as the dialstring


Would you be able to walk me through how to do that from the web interface?

No, just try it like I suggested. create a custom extension and set the dialstring to suit, point your did at what you just did.

Can you elaborate on what it is doing? What is LOCAL is 13235551212 the number to forward to? is @outbound-allroutes what I should use or should that match the name of my outbound route?

the custom extension will dial “locally” the number you put there, routeing it through all your outbound route contexts in the order it finds them.

I just cannot be more elaborative than that, (it’s just the way it FreePBX is written, if you still have a problem, then just read it yourself :wink: ). Sorry.

You can also direct the inbound route to a ring group. Don’t forSPget to put a # after the external number you will be forwarding to.