Forwarding all incoming calls to an extension and allowing those calls to be trancefurred back to the same extension


FreePBX version currently in use.

I would like to forward all incoming calls from our PRI to a single extension even if outsiders dial the direct number to individual extensions. I have put forwarding in place to do this however i cannot transfer the call back to the originally dialed extension. the forwarding i put into place sends the call straight back to the main extension. How would i get around the call looping back to the main extension


Point all of your inbound routes to the " master " extension. You will then have no inbound routes pointed to the secondary extensions. Do not forward these secondary extensions to anything.

Now any call comes into the " master " which can then transfer them to the "secondary "



Forgive my Noobishness.

I have created inbound routes and the routes are working perfectly. When i created the route the DID was still in use by the extension. I removed the DID from the extension to allow me to create the inbound route and created a normal extension without the DID. As far as i know the DID is required for outgoing calls, open to correction. Would moving the DID to the inbound route affect outgoing calls for the extensions allocated to the inbound routes? Would i have to create an outbound route as well?



DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is used ONLY for incoming calls. CID (Caller ID) is used for outgoing calls. You have to have at least 1 outbound route to make an outgoing call. The outbound route is used to tell the PBX how to handle any number dialed.

The inbound route tells the PBX what to do with an incoming call. Generally, you need an inbound route for every incoming DID. Inbound routes will also route a call based on CID. In a case like yours, where you want all incoming calls to go to a single phone (RECEPTIONIST?) you may get by with a single inbound route which routes any CID or DID to the Receptionist’s extension you may see this referred to as an ANY/ANY route.

Hope this is clear. It’s a lot easier to do than it is to explain.