Forwarding all incoming calls on one (SipStation) DID to an external number

What is the easiest way to forward all incoming calls on one (SipStation) DID to an external number

I don’t have a SIPStation trunk so this is a generic answer:

Simplest is to create a Misc Destination and route the DID there. Caller ID will be that of the original caller, unless the Outbound Route or Trunk selected by the destination number alters it. However, note that in some cases, the outbound leg can take a long time before indicating Ringing or Progress, for example if a roaming mobile is being called and especially with international roaming. If the delay exceeds the incoming trunk’s timeout, the provider will take the specified failover action.

You can avoid the above issue by pointing the Inbound Route to a dummy Announcement, e.g. 1/2 second of silence, which then routes to the misc destination. This ‘answers’ the call immediately and avoids the timeout. A downside of this approach is that (depending on services) the caller and/or you may be charged for the call, even if not answered. Also, the caller’s history will show the call as answered, even if the destination did not pick up.

An alternative approach is to route the DID to a Ring Group with only one destination, or to a Virtual Extension with Follow Me set. In this case, the PBX will play ringback tone (or music if selected) to the caller, until the destination answers. This may be a disadvantage, e.g. the caller won’t hear a busy signal or an ‘out of range’ announcement from the destination’s carrier, but could be an advantage, e.g. if there is an error announcement in a language the caller doesn’t understand. This scheme is more flexible than the Misc Destination, allowing you to manipulate the caller ID, use Confirm Calls, send unanswered calls to FreePBX voicemail or an alternate destination, etc.

Finally, many providers allow you to route a DID directly to a PSTN number. This works even if your PBX is down, so it’s the most reliable option. However, you have no further control over the call and it won’t appear in the PBX CDRs. It’s also not a good choice if you need to turn the forwarding on and off (with a time condition, feature code, BLF key, etc.)

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