Forwarded calls not recording

Hi, I have a scheme like this: trunk -> inbound route -> Queue -> Extensions as operators. I use feature codes *72 to forward calls to external numbers. Everything works fine, but when I check CDR Records, there are three records.

Src (external) number - Dst Queue number.
Src (external) number - Dst External number where I forward call.
Src (external) number - Dst Extension number.

And I need to have a call record for all of them, but there is no record for the second CDR where a destination is an external number. I know that they are the same, but I need it for some reason. I turned on call recording in extension, inbound, outbound, queue menus. Also, I tried the “call recording” menu with a destination of that queue, but that did not help.

Can I have this call recording somehow?

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