Forward voicemails to another mailbox

Our old system allowed for a a voice mailbox to have it’s own greetings but any messages got copied to another mailbox.

Voicemail Blasting doesn’t seem to be a fit since it doesn’t play an unavailable message prior to the caller leaving a message.

Call flow looks like:
Person calls -> Ring Group 101 -> Failover to voice mailbox 101 -> message copied to mailbox 102.

There is no other checking or processing.

freepbx-13.0.101-1.shmz65.1.46.noarch on FreePBX Distro
Asterisk 13.7.2

If email is an option, you could set up mailbox 101 to forward the message as an attachment to a distribution group that includes both user 101 and 102.

You can do that from Comedian Mail - I think it’s option 8 while you are listening to the message.

Email seems to be the only real option, just send them off to a distro list.

No one ever listens to 101, so the copy would have to be fully automated.

Thanks all for the thoughts.