Forward to queue if no answer


I need suggestions on how to achieve the below. But first, some information about my current configuration.


  • Incoming call is sent to Time Condition1
  • if Time Condition1 matches, call is forwarded to Queue1 and MobilePhone1 rings

I want to configure freepbx so that if MobilePhone1 does not answer in 20 seconds, the call will be forwarded to MobilePhone2.

How can I do that?


Create Queue2 with Mobile2 inside.
Set the timeout destination in Queue1 to Queue2 after 20 seconds.
Also, i hope you have call confirm on. Otherwise, it might not work smoothly.

EDIT: I said you should create Queue2, but the truth is, you can accomplish that with simple Follow Me. But since you have your Queue1 with Mobile1 i assumed you have some reason why you use a Queue over simple Follow Me.

No real reason for using queues. I’m just learning, and queues was one of the methods I found to forward calls to mobile phones. I haven’t used Follow Me, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the info.