Forward to mobile during set hours

Hello all and thanks in advance for any help on this.

We need to forward a few extensions to mobile phones during work hours and only to voicemail outside of work hours. During work hours, if a call is made to an extension it should ring the desk phone and the mobile, if no answer it should go to system VM. Using the below instructions, all works except an unanswered call during work hours goes to the mobile phone VM. We don’t want that.
What we have tried:

1 set up a misc dest for your cell
2 create a time group for the desired days and hours
3 create the time condition pointing to your TG. Set Time Zone if needed
3a set destination if time matches to misc dest and select your cell
3b set destination if time does not match to misc dest and select Voicemail, then Ext.
4 add follow me for the desired extension leave everything at defaults
4a scroll to bottom and change destination if no answer to time condition and select the desired TC

Is there any way to fix this?

Please and thank you!
Currently on FreePBX will be upgrading to latest ver. soon.

You will need to a maximum duration less than than the call forward no answer time on the mobile. This can often be varied on the mobile, although operators often set an upper limit.

Unless the feature has been added since the user guide was written, setting call timeout isn’t supported for a Misc Destination, so you may have to use custom dialplan.

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