Forward to external #, but leave message on extension VM

I have a question regarding forwarding to an external number. Is it possible to forward a call to an external number, but have the caller leave a message on extension if there is no answer?

So, following scenario: call comes in and the caller selects an extension. The extension is forwarded to an external number, and there is nobody to pick up the call. At the moment, the phone simply keeps ringing. I would like the call to ring the extension a number of times (say 5 times), then switch back to the extension voice mail box so the caller can leave a message there. Possible?

Instead of using forwarding, use Find Me/Follow Me with ‘confirm calls’ enabled. The callee at the far end will be required to press 1 to accept the call, and that mechanism will allow the PBX to ensure unanswered calls go to local VM.

Thanks. Will give that a try.

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