Forward phone calls from Digital Receptionist

What is the best way to forward an incoming call from the Digital Receptionist. For example:

When the caller presses 5, the digital receptionists forwards the call to a 1-800 Number.

Thanks in advance for your help / tips.

I current do exactly what you are wanting, but I do it a few different ways, depending on my goals.

Method 1: Use a Misc Destination.
Set it up as description: Remote800TechSupport
dial: 18001234567 (this is setup exactly what you would dial from a sip phone, so if you need a 9 then add add it to this box)

You can then choose the Misc Destination “Remote800TechSupport” in your IVR setup, and VOILA… works.

Method 2: Setup a Custom extension
Add New Extension… Custom.
Set the extension display name to be Remote800TechSupport
Then disable fax, etc, no privacy mgr,
Give it a VERY COMPLEX secret password
And then you can enable incoming/outgoing recordings…
Setup the Dial field to be SIP/outboundtrunk/8001234567
Enable Voicemail (with a random VM password)

Then just choose the extension “Remote800TechSupport” in your IVR setup, and VOILA… works,
plus gives you the added benefit of these calls being recorded.
(you may want to create an announcement with “Calls being recorded for quality assurance” which destinations
to this extension, and have your IVR destination to the announcement, as we do)

Hopefully this helps

There are a few other ways (such as AGI scripts, etc) but these are the best “freepbx” ways I know of now…
Anyone else doing it any differently?