Forward Inbound Route and Keep CID

I have an Inbound Route that directs to an external number under Misc Destinations. The outbound/redirected call is picking up the CID for the outbound route.

How can I change this so that it’s using the original incoming CID when it forwards to the outbound phone number?

I’m using FreePBX 15.0.36/ Asterisk Version: 18.6.0 if that matters.

Step 1: Find a provider that allows this (NB. In North America, if done using VoIP, they will give it a B attestation (originator (you) known, but right to use number not confirmed). This may cause the call to be flagged as spam to the recipient, or the caller ID to be suppressed by a downstream network.

Step 2: Remove anything that would change the caller ID.

Asterisk passes the caller ID through by default, and I believe the same is true of FreePBX, in this scenario.

There are suggestions that some providers have ways for you to signal that a call that came in from them is being forwarded out via the same provider, but you will need to get details from the provider.

The problem here is that this is abused to make calls appear to come from government or financial institutions, and also being used to make spam calls appear to come from nearby numbers. As a result of this governments are clamping down on it in various ways, such as STIR/SHAKEN, used in North America. Other country providers will often require you to prove you control any caller ID that you originate.

@david55, thanks for the reply. We control everything in the path, so it sounds like we need to just make sure the inbound CID is not modified. And, we’re redirecting these particular faxes to who is our service provider, so there is no concern about them refusing the inbound fax.

It sounds like you are speculating about the FreePBX configuration, so I’d love if anyone out there (e.g. @dicko) knows how to do this.

We currently have 2 outbound routes. First is the default “E911-Leave-First” route and the second is “Skyetel” for all other outbound calls.

The Skyetel out bound route has Route CID set to "Survival Flight" <5018877300> and Override Extension is disabled (set to No).

According to the popups on the edit Outbound Routes page, the Route CID will not override the CID if the call is a " forwarded call CIDs (CF, Follow Me, Ring Groups, etc)."

I am directly routing the incoming fax call using a Misc Destination as the destination in the Inbound Routes. Does that not count as a forwarded call?

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