Forward directly to manager's voicemail

I have FreePBX connected to our Cisco Callmanager via a SIP trunk. FreePBX is only being used for Voicemail. All extensions on FreePBX are custom extensions with a SIP dialstring so that we can use the Asterisk dial by name directory; works great.

The one thing I can’t figure out is how to have an administrative assistant forward a call she picks up directly to a manager’s voicemail box. With Cisco Unity you can dial the main Unity number and then hit # when it starts to ask for login information followed by the voicemail box you want to leave a message on. Is there a way to enable similiar functionality on FreePBX. I’m sure I’m missing something simple; just can’t find it.


Yep it was a simple fix. In callmanager I simply created a routing pattern that sent all calls of type “*XXXX” to the FreePBX SIP trunk. Very simple…