Forward custom Sip Headers to a trunk destination

We have a Sip Client/Soft phone (voice bot) connected to a PBX server as an extension. Occasionally, the call needs to be (blind) transferred to an operator via a SIP trunk, through our PBX server. This Sip Client is sending X Headers that we want to send on to the destination PBX server on the other side of the trunk. We see the headers coming into Asterisk, but not going out. This is, the headers somehow get lost on our PBX server. Is there something we can do to forward these custom headers along to the destination?
All the help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Asterisk is not a SIP proxy, it is a back to back user agent, based on ISDN. To a first approximation, only things that SIP shares with ISDN are propagated, although even that is no guaranteed.

To forward headers, you would need custom code to read the headers (I believe it would need to know the header names), and set them as custom headers on the outgoing call.

Thanks for replying!
Can somebody share some pointers on how to do that? This is, read custom header and then add them to the outgoing call? I’m new to FreePBX+Asterisk.
Many thanks!

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