Forward calls to External SIP extension/domain

Hi All,

We have a requirement where after ringing through our in-house ring group, a call needs to be forwarded to an external vendor if no one in-house attended to it. The vendors systems are designed to accept incoming calls over a special sip domain exposed for us (ex. [email protected])

Am sorted with connecting all our in-house extensions through a ring group. But need to understand how to forward the call to the vendor when no one in-house picks it up.

In this scenario, will the vendor domain be just another Extension in my ring group?

Thanks very much,

This sounds like a Misc-Destination or Misc-extension(?maybe?) and a “if the ring-group fails” destination.

The reason I’m not sure about misc-whatever is because I always get the four “misc-whatever” and “custom-whatever” destinations messed up in my head and my server isn’t available from here right this second.

Yep, you could have your vendor as an extension, and THEY register to it (you have to open up your Firewall).

You may also be able to create a trunk between you and them and send them calls using outbound routes. Depends on the details of your setup with them. 911 for my clients is setup in such a way. I have a trunk to them, and an outbound route that looks for 911 that uses that special route.