Forward Caller Id Via URL?

I followed the tutorial / script to forward caller id to other machines on my network using growl notifications. I am primarily using this to send them to MythTV frontend clients. MythhTV 0.25 has a new messaging system so you can simply send a message to a frontend via a url.

The format is http://HostToSendTo:6544/Myth/SendMessage?Message=MESSAGE

I currently use the following in extensions_custom.conf to call the script that sends my Growl Notifications.

exten => ****101,1,AGI(growlsend.agi,,PASS,101)
exten => ****101,n,AGI(growlsend.agi,,PASS,101)
exten => ****101,n,AGI(growlsend.agi,,PASS,101)
exten => ****101,n,AGI(growlsend.agi,,PASS,101)
exten => ****101,n,Busy

I am thinking it should be very straightforward to modify this to send the Caller ID / Number, without even using a script. Something like…

exten => ****101, 1, http://backendHostName:6544/Myth/SendMessage?Message=Call From: {CALLERID(name)} - {CALLERID(num)}

However, I seem to be chasing my tail.

Can anyone help me figure out how to simply forward caller id / number to the url?


I had been searching for hours for “asterisk send to url in dial plan” and all variations therein and hadn’t found that.