Forward call to external phone number if extension is not reachable

dear community,

is this possible, if my vpn tunnel from my pbx to my phones was broken,
that i forward all calls to a specific number?


Yeah, sure, use follow me

It’s in applications, follow me, select your extension en fill in the details

Edit: sorry, was reading it wrong, i read 1 extension, but the same can apply to multiple extensions

Your VOIP provider should be able to help you with either forwarding to a phone, or sending your traffic to a second server. For an extension, FMFM is the way to go.

Thank you but this setup with a backup Server, i have currently Set.

The pbx standing in my Data Center. I mean if The gateway Firewall for my iPhones is not reachable, i will Forward all (Wildcard) to a external Phone…

Is this with follow me possible? Thanks

It’s what FM/FM does.

Not only is it doable, I’m pretty sure it would probably be the easiest to implement.

If you decide you want to get all tricky and everything, there are other ways, but FM/FM should work just fine for this.

I second what cynjut said. What you describe is pretty much the definition of Follow-Me.