Forward call to cell with caller ID does not working

Hi all
I am looking for help on how to forward a call to my cell phone while including the callers “caller ID”. My Italian provider, Messagenet; told me that he doesn’t put any block on the cid.

Freepbx 15 Asterisk 16 on raspberry pi 4

  1. trunk chan_sip


  1. my trunk allow any cid
  2. in my trunk outgoing peer is present sendrpid=yes trustrpid=yes
    3 outboundroute not override
  3. inbound route cid and did on any any
  4. i tried, follow me, ring group, custom destination, misc destination, but when my cell rings the caller ID is the trunk ID from my PBX and not the original

I am crazyng…any idea??


For testing this, temporarily set the Outbound CID for your extension to a number that is not yours and make a test call to your mobile. Once you get that working, if the Follow Me fails, you’ll know that the trouble is not on the trunk side.

I am guessing that Messagenet wants
which will send a P-Asserted-Identity header.

Also, they likely want the caller ID in the format +390622223333. If the incoming call has caller ID in a different format, you may have to convert it.

I tried, changed outbound cid, but I always have the number of my trunk
sendrpid=pai does not solve

how can i do this

I am starting to think that my provider is lying to me. now I’ve rewritten them, let’s see what they tell me about spoofing. Let’s wait

For the test, you can set Outbound CID in the proper format
"Edmond" <+390622223333>
At the Asterisk command prompt, type
sip set debug on
and make a failing test call. Confirm that the outbound INVITE has a P-Asserted-Identity header in the correct format.

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