Forward call to a busy extension to a ring groups

Hi guys,

we need to forward a call entered on a busy extension on the first available extension.

Our idea is create a ring group with “firstavailable” option enabled, and then redirect the call of this extension on this group when is busy.

The only problem is…

how can redirect the call (from freepbx) when it’s busy to a specified ring group?

I know that from freepbx I can mange the redirection of the call when is busy, but i don’t know how can redirect them on a specific ring group…

Someone can help me on this matter?

Thank you.

I think you might be able to do it by cascading 2 ring groups, or possibly a queue with a failover to a RG. You’d have to diddle with the timings to make sure that it behaved as expected.

You’d put only the initial extension in the first queue/ringgroup and make the second ringgroup the failover target.


Ok, but is not easiest just redirect a busy extension on a ring group previously created?

I mean:

  • I create an ring group of all the extension available on the pbx (with firstavailable option enable) and assigne to this ring group something like 777 number;

  • on the extension on the busy redirection write “something” (this something it’s about what i need to know) in order to redirect to the ring group 777

My idea it’s that in this way the call will be forwarded at all the available extension.

Wrong something?

Look at Optional Destinations at the bottom of the extension setup.

yes i’m exactly there.

But didn’t know, and actually didn’t find, how can specify to redirect the call to a ring groups on “Optional Destinations” -> Busy option…

You know how do that?


Set up the ring group first and it will appear in the drop down

…any chance to redirect a call from a busy extension to another extension available picked from all the extension of the pbx?

I’m just going mad to find out something…

thank you man…i was so near to the solution! :smiley:

damn…not works as expected…

Setup is:

My extension: 888 -> If busy -> Redirect to the ring group: 123
In the ring group 123 I have all the extension of the server (including 888).

I make a call, to the extension 888, if she is busy, redirect on the ring group
but if my extension (888) is the first of the available i have a loop on the machine (because the ring group try to contact 888, and then redirect on the ring group…and the try to contact 888, and then redirect on the ring group…).

I have also tried to put to yes Skip busy agent, with no luck.

Any advise on how to avoid this loop?

Thank you as usual.

You really dont to want to forward to a ring group that contains the extension you are forwarding from. You’ll likely end up with a loop just like you describe.

Do you need 888 in the ringgroup?


If a call from 888 is sent to the RG, why would you want it to ring again? It’s already not been answered.


Is not that I want 888 on the ring group…It’s that in my pbx I have 40 and counting extension.
When one extension in busy I need to redirect the call to all other extension available, and redirect the call to the first available…with ring group this works. The problem it’s that i don’t know how can prevent the loop (with only one ring group).

Because the only way that I can imagine right now it’s to create a $number_of_extension-1 ring group, and assign to the specific extension a ring group (if busy) that not contain the extension itself…

But it’s don’t really applicable I think…
What do you think about?

That’s exactly how you would do it, but redirecting a call to 40 plus extensions? I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like that. Not being a smart a#$, but you might want to take a step back and take a good look at what you are trying to accomplish. I wouldn’t want to have 40 or more phones ring when the call fails to one!


“I wouldn’t want to have 40 or more phones ring when the call fails to one!”

My customer want exactly this…I know, world it’s a pretty strange place…
But by the grace of god, there is a lot of work to do any time i need to add a new extension… :-/

I would offer some additional solutions to your customer:

1 - A central ringer or a page annoucement, then program a pickup key

2 - Cascading ring groups, 5 phones ring for 10 seconds then 10 phones for 5 seconds, 20 phones for 5 seconds then the last of the group.

and if i want redirect only at the first available (different) extension, instead to forward to all the available extension…this can be archived with ring or queue?