Forward Call from Specific Caller

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I am wondering if there is a way to forward calls that are from a specific CID to a specific extension. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this in the inbound route and I’m not sure where else to look.


Inbound route is exactly how I would do it. You could make an any/SpecificCID route and set the extension as the destination.

Set the DID to “blank” and fill the CID with the CID that actually comes in. Don’t forget the “Override Caller ID” checkbox on this one - it will make sure the caller ID is the thing the route is chosen for.

I use this for my and my wife’s cell phones. If we are calling the office, we know who we want to talk to - I’m pretty sure I don’t want to talk to the Tech Support IVR…

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Thanks guys! Just an fyi this was for a weird situation where an old man kept calling one of my coworkers. He kept dialing his daughters number wrong and it was just one digit off from my coworkers number. Despite my coworkers vm saying his name and not his daughters he has left 10 crazy messages for him. So I set the route to look for his cid and set the destination to use a misc destination of his daughters number. Then I set up an outbound route to match his daughters number and use his caller id instead of our number. Weird situation so I thought I would share. Thanks again!


Kudos for letting him use your minutes… There’s still good people out there!

That’s a lot nicer than I probably would have been. I might use his CID to capture his call and play a recording that says “Hey, Henry! You dialed the wrong number again!”

Sort of on topic, I use a CID-based inbound route to black-hole aggressive telemarketers that have been reported to me. I send them to Zap-A-Teller, which plays fax tones to hopefully get the number removed from their lists, or to the one that plays random ringtones until they hang up.

Lenny helped us alot if times, especially with adding another line to blacklist the number.

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