Forward back from external Trunk with CID from FreePBX

Hi guys.
I have a problem and need your help. Here is a Diagram:

FreePBX is connected via SIP to ITSP and to OSBiz Station.
111 connected to FreePBX, 222 connected to OSBiz.
111 can call 222,
222 can call 111 and also 01234567 via ITSP.

But! When i enable call forwarding on 222 to 01234567 (employee want to forward his calls to his mobile phone) and 111 want to call 222, the call is forwarding back to same trunk with CID 111, and OSBiz recieving from FreePBX “401 Unauthorisade” and than “403 Forbidden”.
How can i configure trunk to ignore CID?

Thank you guys for your hospitality!

Configured OSBiz trunk, not to contain original calling number, while forwarding:
So, i have fixed it for now.
But it will be great, if you can advise me solution for this problem on FreePBX.

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