Forum User Login Assistance

Hi all

I have an another account by the username gurvinder.dadyala and I am successfully able to change password for this account. However whenever I try to login from username gurvinder.dadyala on, system does not allow me login

Also using the same username and password I am able to login URL Can Site administrator help.

the software doesn’t support “.” so it replaces them with _ so try gurvinder_dadyala

I am successfully able to reset password using link for username gurvinder.dadyala

First of all if dot is not allowed then it should allow you to change password using this username. I am also not sure why it allowed me to register in first place. When I try to login to Freepbx community using same, i get message that account is not authorized. Is it possible for someone to delete my account completely so that I can go through registration process.

Even after password reset it takes to Atlassin crowd profile page and where there is not option to even change username.

I look forward to your response.

Can you give me any pointers what can be done.