Fortinet 560 phone?

I’m still looking for my dream phone. The Fortinet (used to be TalkSwitch) 560i phone has 24 BLF keys, with an LCD screen built-in (so thinking that templates aren’t even necessary–sweet).

Problem is, I imagine it is a proprietary phone?

Anything like that available that will work w/ FreePBX and EPM?

SNOM 720 and Panasonic has a phone with a bunch of buttons. Pretty much any Polycom or Aastra or Yealink or Granstream or Cisco Small Biz with a side car.

Yeah, but that LCD for the labels (instead of printing templates) on the Fortinet is pretty appealing.

Yeah, try the Aastra’s they do it better and are much better supported.

Aastra or the new Yealink with the side car.

The 57i Aastra as Dicko pointed out is a great option. It also has an LCD sidecar.

I have an older Polycom 670 with a sidecar on my desk.