Forgotten login for System Admin

Hello, before few days it was working fine but now System Admin shows this warning:
This machine is not activated. The Free version of Sysadmin is only available to Activated machines.
I started activation process, entered the e-mail address in activation wizard labelled “Portal Account” but do not remember the password.
There is no forgotten password link

How can i restore my account? I have purchased licenses on it.

Thanks, i figured it.
Now the next problem:
In Sangoma portal > Orders > Completed i see the purchases i want to import again.The deployment ID is displayed. If i click on the deployment ID link : [sorry new users can’t post links] index.php/deployments/editDeployment/xxxxxx it reloads the order page [sorry new users can’t post links] orders/listOrders/0/2

If i click on PBX > List : it shows “No data available in table”
On top i see green button “Want to claim a product? Click here!”
I enter the deployment ID in the form and it said the claim will be reviewed.
Opening the Product Claims in left menu, i tried all choices:
Pending Claims
Accepted Claims
Declined Claims
Co-owned Products
all of these show “No data available in table”

And strange thing there is no online support that i can ask about this mistake. Everywhere it requires paid support.
Should i pay for bugs in Sangoma portal? Or purchase again the modules ($175 in total ) and few days later loose them again from my freepbx install because of another bug?

Please advise.

Open a (free!) ticket of type “Billing and Customer Support”.

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Ticket #849288

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