Forcing e164 formatting for outbound routes

Twilio requires e.164 formatted TO numbers, and will reject everything else.

I know that I can:
prepend + to 1-NXX-XXX-XXX to make it e.164
prepend +1 to NXX-XXX-XXXX to make those e.1644 (because users are Users)
but I’m curious if anyone has any easy templates or examples for making non-north-american calls forcibly e164?

Ive got the pjsip trunk already on the contextfrom-pstn-e164-us for inbound, but I’m trying to get Outbound sorted out.

so I can just:
prepend: +
prefix(strip): 011
match: .
because international dialing is fun.

'non north american calls (NANP) "should always have the format of 011_ , ) which does not match NXX-XXX-XXXX nor 1-NXX-XXX-XXX.

The + is now a ‘meta character’ that will be assumed as 011 in NANPA land and 00 in the rest of the world and will be used on a cell phone if you long-press 0 .

You can thank Bell Labs for inventing international dialing, claiming 1 as it’s MSD (most significant digit) but not insisting on even an area code (NXX) when dialing inside it’s domain.


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