Force voicemail password to be changed every 30 days and minimum 5 characters?

Hey everyone,

Is there a way to force users to change their voicemail password every 30 days for example? Then also to make sure they are minimum 5 characters as well?

Nope. And while it might sound like a good idea, if you actually figure out a way to do it, what will happen is that after the first forced change a lot of users will simply stop listening to their voicemail rather than learn a new password every 30 days. Or if you force the issue, they’ll write each new password on a sticky note and leave it where they, and everyone else can see it.

There really is such a thing as too much security, and it often seriously backfires.

I certainly agree. You don’t want to make a system so secure that it is cumbersome to use.

It is also not uncommon for people to just increase the password by 1, so if the password was 4541, they could just make it 4542. Not very secure if someone already knew the original password.

We have an issue where several hundred users have never changed their password from the default one set when their extension was created. We want to force them to change their passwords. There really needs to be a way to do that.

Also, enforcing minimum length to a password would be really helpful. I understand everyone else’s point about not forcing the password to change too often, so minimum length of 5 or 6 numbers would be helpful.