Force follow me to use a specific trunk?

Hey everyone.

I have 3 VoIP providers. One is for inbound calls, then my main one is used for outbound calls and supports 5 outbound channels. I have a 3rd provider that supports channels 6-unlimited but it’s pay per minute.

On my main outbound route, it’s a fixed caller ID with my SIP provider, meaning caller ID shows my office caller ID and doesn’t pass whatever asterisk sends it. The problem is when I use Follow me, I guess it uses that main SIP trunk to send the follow me call out, so on all the phones it rings, it shows my main office caller ID.

My 3rd SIP trunk provider passes caller ID, so whatever I send or my system sends it will show.

Is there anyway to set it so that when Extension 1922 uses follow me, that it will always use my 3rd VoIP provider only? It’s only this extension that needs it. Hoping someone can help!

a follow-me is not the extension making a call, so the CID is not that of the extension, it is that of the calling party.

re-read the post, an answer already exists with the solution from the original poster using a dial prefix to access the required route.

Dear Philippe,
I force my extension outbound route as:
extension 200 use SIP trunk A : X./200
extension 300 use SIP trunk B : X./300
extension 200 setup a follow-me to ring outbound No 0425308000#
When I try to ring DID route to 200, the follow-me can not ring ring outbound No 0425308000.
When I use 300 to ring 200, the follow-me is working, to ring 0425308951 But use
SIP trunk B
How can I fix it? Thanks!

create an outbound route that require an access code (e.g. 97NXXNXXXXXX) or what ever.

Then, use that in your follow-me and have the desired trunk there.

That worked great thank you so much!