Force Follow me to show specific caller id

I have several DIDs coming into my PBX. I have several extensions that are tied to these DID. Let’s say, 555-1100 calls extension 100; 555-1200 calls extension 200, etc. Extensions have follow me set up to ring my cell phone as well.

The problem is that my cell phone’s caller id always shows 555-1000. I tried numerous things… set up extension caller id to override trunk; created new outbound route and used extension routes to direct the extension to specific routes; specified caller id in the dial plan. no matter what - I am still getting the same caller id on my phone.

I suspect that extension definition is not relevant - maybe since I am calling that extension; not calling from that extension. Calling from that extension shows expected CallerId.

Any recommendations?

I am running FreePBX 2.11 and PIAF 2.0.6

What kind of trunks are you using?

Can you set caller ID on outbound calls?

Yes, my outbound calls show Caller ID correctly - only follow me don’t.

“What kind of trunks” - SIP (if I understand your question correctly).