Force Disconnect an Extension That is in a multicast page

Occasionally either a user forgets to hangup a phone ( or the phone doesn’t hangup ) while on a multi cast page. Is there a way to hangup the extension that has started the multicast page?

Mmm… not really.
I mean, you could make fun of them for not hanging up…
But multi-cast is kind of a separate function in most phones. There’s the “phone” function, then there’s the “I’m going to listen on this broadcast address in case anything comes across, and play it through my speaker” (multicast paging) function.

You could set up a multicast music stream and the phones would play it (if it was on the right broadcast address)… so in a nutshell, no, you can’t make the phones stop doing that.

I am not trying to stop them from listening, I am trying to stop the broadcast if the user forgets to hangup after the announcement. Would telling the phone to reboot terminate the broadcast?

If you rebooted the phone that was broadcasting, it would stop it. Otherwise, the phones that were receiving the broadcast would still receive it after a reboot.

I know on Yealink phones, the multicast page is part of the phone firmware, and not controlled by the pbx. So I can’t even think of how you’d do a howler tone or something if they kept the channel open. Multicast (at least in our situation here) is outside of the pbx controls; it’s a phone function.

It’s really not a technology issue, it’s a user issue.

I know, we use Sangoma phones, I was just hoping there was a command I could send to the phone to hangup. Yes this is indeed a user problem, and this was an issue for us long before we moved to freepbx from a key system. I was just hoping I could script up a command to hang up the offending extension instead of having to hoof it to the extension and manually hang it up.

You can hang up the channel from CLI

As @PitzKey said, from the Asterisk CLI, type:

channel request hangup <tab>

And you will see a list of active channels. Continue typing the name of the channel and press again to autocomplete.

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