Force DISA to use specific trunk

I am running Freepbx2.5 and PBXIAF for a small setup.
I allow several people DISA access to the system with their own unique DID. The DID is on a trunk that also has outbound calling capability.
I want to be able to force the Freepbx Disa module to use the same trunk as the DID is on for the outbound leg of the call. As it is now, it just goes to the first priority outbound route.

Appreciate any ideas

is with custom context module. you set all the routes in that screen to “Deny” except for the trunk for their DID. the first field is the Context, which is exported to the rest of the dialplan, so then after you’ve created this, you can then go to the DISA config and for their DISA, change the context from ‘from-internal’ to the context you just created here.

Hi can you tell me one thing
I am using freePBX Distro and i have more then 2 trunk and i have make DISA. while call coming to DISA how can i make setting of context for pertuculer trunk. actually i want to route some calls to 1 trunk and some other calls to another trunk.

You can choose a specific outbound route in your DISA configuration in place of ‘from-internal’. There is no need to use the custom-context module unless you are trying to do something more involved. The context does not even have to be generally accessible by other outbound dialing. In other words, you can make an outbound route in your dialplan and put it at the very end in such a way that other internal system calls will never reach it. They put this as your DISA context, where that route only accesses the desired trunk(s) ,and it will use that. You can look in the extensions_additional.conf file to see what the context is named. The name won’t change, it uses the route’s internal ‘id’ as part of the name so as long as you never delete and recreate it you are fine. You can edit it all you want.

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