Force call in queue


We operate an emergency dispatch centre. When a caller ends up in the EMERGENCY queue is there a way to force the call to still go to one of the call takers and show the caller ID even if the caller disconnects while in the queue prior to the call being answered?

No. The sip sission needs to be open. Be very careful with “emergency” situations as a lack of preperation in your part might result in ‘juuge’’ liabilties awarded against you when you blow it.

Since this is a VERY specific and implementation critical application, I recommend you contact the commercial support people at Sangoma and see if they will write you an application that does the following:

  1. Drop a call into the Emergency queue.
  2. If the call is still active, drop it onto an extension.
  3. If the call drops, set up an automatic call-back from a specific extension (or agent or ring-group, maybe) in your call center to the caller’s number.

Now, you could get this set up yourself, but if you talk to Lorne (@lgaetz) or any of the other folks that do this kind of development for a living, they could probably knock it out in no time.

@lgaetz …is this something we could discuss?

If you are prepared to pay support credits to explore a solution, by all means click the support link above. I don’t have much (i.e. nothing) in the way of ideas on how to do this, perhaps an email notification of when the caller drops out of the queue could be managed. I think by hooking the hangup macro, you could examine channel variables and tease out whether a queue call was answered or not.