Force Agent Wrap-Up-Time on non-answer

I am trying to setup a PBX for an automotive parts/wreaking yard retailer. The walk-in counter has 2 phones. Ext 200, and 201. The owner/manager has 202 in a private office. The owner wants to be able to help with calls on the front counter, but only when both agents are busy or not answering phones. So I setup the queue with following:



The issue though is sometimes one of the counter guys has a walk-in customer or has to go out into the yard to check on a part. When this happens and watching FOP2 a call comes in. (assume 200 in on phone). 201 rings, non-answer, delay, 201 rings, non-answer, repeat. 202 never gets the call as the system is still sending calls to 201. I’ve tried all the various methods, ringall is the only one that ends up ringing 202, but that’s not exactly what the owner needs.

Is this normal operation? If so, it seems to me an issue. I’ve read about agent pausing and I don’t this would be the same. What would be really nice is to be able to put 201 into their Wrap-Up-Time period on a non-answer making it so the call roles to 202 om the next try.

Any help/information appreciated.



Hmm, so looking at app_queue.c and the section that is executed when the debug message “Nobody answered” is thrown, I found this code:

ast_queue_log(qe->parent->name, qe->chan->uniqueid, membername, "RINGNOANSWER", "%d", rnatime); if (qe->parent->autopause != QUEUE_AUTOPAUSE_OFF && pause) { if (qe->parent->autopause == QUEUE_AUTOPAUSE_ON) { if (!set_member_paused(qe->parent->name, interface, "Auto-Pause", 1)) { ast_verb(3, "Auto-Pausing Queue Member %s in queue %s since they failed to answer.\n", interface, qe->parent->name); } else { ast_verb(3, "Failed to pause Queue Member %s in queue %s!\n", interface, qe->parent->name); }

It looks to me something close to this is already implemented?!?! Where is the config for this, it doesn’t look like it’s in the GUI interface for queues. Something I need to add in a custom q file?

Is this a permanent pause, timed, or for this call only? I’m hoped either of the latter 2, if so it’s exactly what I need…

Darn… It’s permanent till someone unpauses… Oh well, enough info there that I think it wouldn’t be too much trouble to modify to my wrap-up-time idea…

Welcome to app_queue 101. If using penalties and a agent is not paused or on a call it will never try the next penalty group of agents. Ya I know dumb but that has been app_queue from day 1.