FOR PAY - Extenspy feature code

I am looking for a person who can make an extenspy module or basic code to allow someone to enter a code to listen to a specific extension.

Here is a workflow:

Ext 1 wants to hear Ext 2’s conversation without being able to input audio.

Ext 1 presses a single feature button on a sip phone (Grandstream GXP2000) or dials a single code that is coded specifically to hear only Ext 2

Ext 2’s inbound and outbound audio is heard in Ext 1’s handset.

I am currently using FreePBX Distro and would like it built into that, whether it is via a custom module or through direct placement of code in a conf file, etc.

I have a way to do exactly what you are asking you may contact me directly at [email protected]

You can always send a request for a feature that you want to sponsor with the FreePBX paid Support team that way all users can benefit from it and it will be maintained as part of the project and as others have learned with other 3rd part addons will not break with changes and upgrades in FreePBX.

How much does it usually cost to sponsor features?

Why don’t you purchase and install FOP2? It provides a web interface to click on a phone and listed to the conversation, including the ability to whisper to the agent without the caller hearing the whisper.

I would rather pay for features that can be distributed to the community for free after I pay to have it developed. That’s how open source should work right?

I understand, however this would be more complex than it appears to be on the surface.

I was offering you an option that would provide you the functionality you want today.

it doesn’t seem complex. I can do it without a module, I was hoping to integrate it with a module and give people the opportunity to use it freely.

I hadn’t looked at the extenspy() command. Yes it is easy. In fact it is just a few lines of code.

What would you need in the module? It should just be a patch for core (feature codes).

For now you can register the dial plan app with misc. applications.