FOP2 using FreePBX responsive firewall


We have a hosted FreePBX that uses the responsive firewall for remote workers without a static home IP address. Is there a way that they can use FOP2 trough the firewall aswell? These remote workers cannot use a VPN to the PBX and I think that opening FOP2 to the whole world is a bad plan.

Gr. Bart.

There is no supported way to add services to the responsive action.

Which is a horrible oversight IMO. You can add custom services in the firewall itself. One would expect those services to be accessible.

I thought if they have a registered endpoint at home their IP will be allowed through the responsive FW?

You can try add iptables rules manually, via the GUI. In that right side slide out menu thing in the Firewall go to > Advanced > Advanced Custom Rules. After you add your rules enable it in Advanced Settings > Custom Firewall Rules.

I don’t use firewall module so I can’t tell you if the custom rules are added before or after the rules getting in your way.

The rules are entered just like you would from the CLI, just omit the “iptables” part at the beginning. Ideally, they should have a tooltip there that explains that.

They did not reinvent anything.

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