FOP2 upgrade

I want to upgrade FOP2 from 2.21. to 2.25. I installed FOP2 using YUM and don’t want to mess anything up if I upgrade it manually. Is it safe to install over FOP2 by using the RPM on the FOP2 website? Are there plans to update FOP2 in the Freepbx distro repository to 2.25 in the near future? If so I will wait for the repository to be updated but if it is going to be a few months I would like to upgrade FOP2 my self.

I know this is a very delayed response, but to answer your question, it is safe to upgrade FOP2 from - in fact, I would recommend you use the site as opposed to the repository. ONE thing you need to know. A purchased license from only allows updates for a year. Then you must purchase again…

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