FOP2 on new distro

I have just downloaded and configured a new system with 1.813.210.58-1.
All seems ok, but when i downloaded and installed the latest FOP2, i get box come up saying Manager Connection Problem after i log in.
I have changed the manager password from the default AMP111 to a new password with no special characters.
For giggles, when i changed it back to AMP111, FOP2 works fine.
FOP2 version is fop2-2.26-centos5-i386.tgz

Any ideas ???
I have another system where all configurations are identical and it works happily, but that has been around for a while and i have manually done all the updates as they come through.

I have checked /etc/asterisk/manager.conf and the password is getting updated in there correctly.
Thanks in advance.

is okay.
I found that in /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg the manager password was not updated.
updated manually, restarted FOP2 service and all is happy :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway.