FOP2 missing the "Calls Waiting List"

Hi folks.
I am not sure this forum is the correct place.

With Fop2 in our environment is missing the “Calls Waiting list” in the image is an example, take a look the green color, “<601> Recepcion” Before it was working,but honestly, I don’t know why disappear .

I don’t know which plug in of FOP2 is linked with this feature. or how to enable to show the “Calls Waiting List”

This must show in Queues

Thanks for any hint

Daniel W

You’ll need to use the FOP2 forums and/or support options for this.

Try to update FOP2. You can also try to restart.

service fop2 restart

Toggle the queue view in Fop2 preferences.

Yes, I am trying to ingress to FOP2 forums, but apparently, they are no giving more support.
I will keep trying, thanks

I’m not sure what that means there is a post that was marked as a solution just recently and it was a solution given by the FOP2 admin’s. Are you a 100% on this? Considering that FOP2 has support for Asterisk 16 it seems to be current.

Oh and a new version was release July 31st 2019. I can’t see how they are not supporting an active product.

Yes, you right, I am wrong. I had been reading wrongly the dates in the FOP2 forum :grimacing:

I sent an email few minutes to them, because I am unable to authenticate in FOP2 forum, I never able to ingress, I have been thinking the admin need to approve it, I am not sure, I register 2 emails and I try to recover the passwords and the FOP2 forum is not sending the email with the password recovery.

A fortunately, I speak Spanish too, so I call to Argentina to support but the phone only rings.

Thanks .

The developer of FOP2 found the problem, We added a new trunk time ago, and the trunk in the MySQL displayed a TAB, I cannot see the TAB added in the GUI of FreePBX but in the DB displayed the number and a TAB in the end.

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