FOP2 issue in devices and users mode

Asterisk 13.19.1

I’m running into an issue in devices and user’s mode in which fop2 extensions will randomly get stuck ‘busy’ after a user enters the *11 or *12 code to login or logout of a phone. The extension will stay orange until I restart the fop2 deamon. I’m posting here to see if anyone has any thoughts on what I can check to make sure it’s not showing this on the asterisk end to make sure it’s not just an issue with fop2, or if it is something odd with fop2 that is getting hung up (would seem so, as fop2 is restarted, not asterisk). I haven’t had any luck with the dev getting back to me.

This would be a FOP2 issue and something he would need to fix since restart FOP2 fixes it

Thanks Tony, I figured as much! Appreciate the feed back as always!

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