FOP2 installed successfully but not listing all or atleast 15 extensions

I am new for FOP2.
I have freepbx version 12.0.1. FOP2 manager version is 1.0 and FOP2 version 2+. PHP version 5.3.3.
I have installed FOP2 in my centos and its GUI working fine. I have created 18 exensions in freepbx.
I have created one user “100”,Group “Test” and allocated all extensiosns under that group from FOP2 admin portal.When i am login as “100” user then i can only see 13 extensions not all.
Also as i have seen that “FOP2 - Version 2.28 - Lite Version - Limited to 15 extensions” so it should be display 15 extensions.

Can anybody know why i am not getting 15 extensions?

Thanks in advance,

Your best bet for FOP2 support is from the FOP forums. The free version of FOP2 let’s you see 15 buttons not 15 extensions.