Fop2 (Flash Operator Panel 2) added user cannot login to portal; but admin can login using fop2admin credentials

I badly need some help, we have freePBX server and my co-IT setup fop2. We can always login admin using fop2admin credentials, however for the registered user, we always get error message saying invalid credentials. I tried both firefox and chrome but still unable to login regular user(extensions).
Please help.

There are 2 different places to log in to FOP2. You are talking about the admin portal, but are you aware there is a different place that users are supposed to log in?

The user login looks like this:FOP2%20User%20Login

You can access this by going to yourserverip/fop2

You are probably trying to login at yourserverip/fop2/admin which won’t work.

Hi Matthew,

I appreciate your reply very much, and yes I’m aware that there’s 2 ways to login for admin and regular user. I just don’t know what’s the reason why users (extensions) cannot login. I always get this error below.

Just FYI: FOP2 is not a FreePBX product.

Did you reload the panel after setting/changing the user’s password?

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