FOP2 add to menubar freepbx

Hi Freepbx,

How can I add FOP2 button in freepbx menu (not main web page)?
I use freepbx_menu.conf but can I add an option like fop2 with a link like /fop2.

I hope you can give me some tips, because going back to main page or manually type fop2 web address is not a nice option.

you have to install “Fop2Admin 1.2.11 FreePBX module for Fop2 2.24 or higher” from here:

and here how to:

Yes this is simple, but I want (and many others) not only fop2admin in the menu bar, but also FOP2 access from the menu bar, without a main web pages.
Short said, how can I add a web address to the menu bar FreePBX?

I created a new module. It is not hard to do.
This adds a fop2 tab in the menu bar.
Save this info as a file [module.xml] in /var/www/html/admin/modules/fop2tab
Activate it unde module admin and refresh.
FOP2 access is now added to the menu bar

file content module.xml:

	<name>FOP2 Panel</name>
		Provides a Module Menu that launches the FOP2 Panel. Requires the FOP2 Panel to be installed
	<category>Third Party Addon</category>
		<fop2tab category="FOP2 Panel" href="/fop2" target="fop2" access="all">FOP2 Paneel</fop2tab>

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