FOP Works with some machines, some browsers , not with others. Red-Green flashing issue


First. I am very new to Linux & FreePBX.

It has been a bad week for me as my firewall crashed Monday and I had to put a new one in from scratch. I transferred the rulebase as best I could. Unfortunately, my predecessors did not document nor comment their original rules very well. No changes were made to the trixbox.

Shouldn’t be related, but an issue was reported by one of my users today that has me puzzled. My boss webs to the asterisk box to run FOP. 10.0.0.X/panel. He gets the red/green flashing on both of his machines. One machine has Firefox and IE the other only has IE. It does not work with either. He does not remember exactly when the last time he successfully ran the program, but it has been at least two weeks since his last attempt (other than today). Where both machines are on the inside of the firewall, I don’t think there are any routing or port issues.

That said, “I” have 2 machines as well. On machine number 1, It works fine in Firefox, but flashes red-green in IE. On machine number 2 it works fine in IE. Firefox is not on the number 3 machine. The IP of the Asterisk box is on the same subnet as all my machines (our network is completely flat). I have compared settings in the browsers as best I could and googled for a fix. I am hoping someone in here has the magic combination.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.


it does work with all machines, it’s what you have installed as the flash player that is the issue.

Search the forum for FOP flashing red green and you’ll find a pair of posts describing what to do to fix it.

The issue is Adobe changed the access rights for a API command at a specific build number and if you are using older code with newer flash players it happens. The two ways to fix it are downgrade the flash player, or made some minor changes to the FOP (upgrade to the latest).

Is a bug on FOP
upgrade your system

yum update

or downgrade the flashplayer to 8.10… instructions on the macromedia website

it’s not a bug, Adobe changed the spec on a API call. So Adobe broke. To get around the problem downgrade flash or upgrade FOP to handle the adobe change.

Well. Thanks for the quick replies. I really appreciate it. For the meantime I am going to downgrade to FLASH 8. But I would like to upgrade FOP.

Now the $64k question. How do I upgrade the FOP and are ther any prerequisites for it? As I mentioned before I am not very Linux saavy, and in the 3 months I have been here I haven’t had to do anything to the asterisk server.

Side Note: In fact, I am a little frightened because the GUI tells me “Changes have been made, click here to apply the changes to the configuration”. I didn’t make any changes. I suspect my prdecessor did, and he left on bad terms so I can’t contact him. I don’t think he would do anything malicious though. I do remember my boss adding Columbus day to the holidays, but it didn’t “take”. Most likely becasue he didn’t apply the change. But how can I be sure this is the only change?

Do I have any other options other than “hope”?

Thanks again for you help and patience with this noob.


PS. I’ve got a guy here who has a fair amount of Linux knowledge if that helps.

Well without knowing how your system is built (distro {does the main webpage say something like elastix, PBX-in-a-Flash, trixbox, etc.} or hand built) and what versions of things you have it’s hard to answer… One way to get the latest FOP is to upgrade FreePBX. But before you do that you’ll need to apply changes as upgrading will require that. There is not currently a way to see what has been changed as the system does not track that.

The other way is to go to the FOP authors site and download the latest and follow the directions ( But again you’ll need to apply changes first.

If you are looking for the better choice it’s upgrade FreePBX. as the newer version have newer better interfaces and option then the older things…

But without the details it’s really a hard question to give you a answer to.

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry about the ommission. These are what I could gather from the screens.

Kernel Version 2.6.9-34.0.2.ELsmp (SMP)
Distro Name CentOS release 4.4 (Final)
Uptime 160 days 2 hours 23 minutes
Current Users 1
Load Averages 0.09 0.08 0.08

trixbox ver 1.2.3

I know I am on an old version. I would like to upgrade but I just don’t have the confidence and experience to chance a production server. In general is the upgrade (FreePBX) a big deal? Do they tend to work like “point and click” type of upgrade or are there manual file backups, copies, reboots etc involved.

I see a panel on my main FreePBX screen that tells me I have 14 modules available for online uprades. I guess my question is, are these simple (somewhat foolproof) upgrades or are there usually complications. This is a production server for 30 extensions and if it goes south, I’d be in a bad place.



ok you have a OLD copy of trixbox.

Yes those upgrades are simple and 99.9% foolproof. They are just newer modules for that version of FreePBX. So that you know the current release of FreePBX is 2.5.1.

First question is do you have a backup running? If not you need to first look into getting that setup and working first as you’d be in deep dodo if the box decided to go west. trixbox 1.2.3 is over 2 years old, possibly 3 I can’t remember dates and versions that far back any more.

Once you have a good working backup you can always do a restore to get back to the same place again. But without it I’d not go very far just to be safe.

You want to userstand more google trixbox without tears 1.2.3 is from the first generation of that manual so there are some good things to read up on and learn about.